Fusion Pops Orchestra is a symphonic pops orchestra and choir, playing a selection of beautifully arranged popular music.

Our beginnings
It was founder Daniel Ciurleo’s vision to arrange and orchestrate popular music for orchestra and choir, making orchestral arrangements accessible to all people. With this, Fusion Pops Orchestra was formed in early 2012. After three successful seasons, in 2014 Daniel passed the baton to work on further musical passions.

About our Musical Director
Al Kidney has been involved in music as an instrumentalist, arranger and conductor since his childhood (some would say he never grew up!!). As a trumpet player he has played lead trumpet with local dance bands, principle trumpet and Bandmaster of 10/27 RSAR Band and more recently with Australian Army Band Adelaide. In 2008 he was appointed Band Master of the Police Band which led to him being appointed Officer in Charge in 2011. Since graduating from Elder School of Music in 2003 and studying conducting under Carl Crossin he has conducted several local orchestras, bands and choirs. He is currently also the Music Director of Kensington & Norwood Brass, a nationally acclaimed brass band, having recently resigned his position as MD at Holdfast Bay Concert Band and Campbelltown City Brass to do so. He has broad music experience as a result of his diverse interest and involvement in an array of musical genre and ensembles.